All the proceeds from the sales of our CDs go to charities like Shriners, Make A Wish Foundation, WEAVE, and others. Want to hear a band of over 20 banjo players for yourself or have a friend (or maybe not such a good friend) that needs some toe-tapping banjo music? Buy some music from yesteryear.

CD:Strumming with the Stars Strumming with the Stars. This album combines our talents with some of the best banjo players in the world - the STARS - our dear friends. They are world-class musicians whose talents are well-documented in their numerous recordings and web sites. This CD actually serves as a music sampler! In this recording we have combined a pleasing mix of studio and live recordings. Recorded in 2005.
CD:Side By Side Side by Side. If you love banjos, lots of banjos, you've come to the right place. The Sacramento Banjo Band brings you a wonderful collection of music performed by over 30 fun-loving banjo players, washtub basses, a washboard, fiddle, trumpet harmonica, clarinet, and a sousaphone tuba. You will soon discover that they play these instruments because they love the music associated with them and they love to perform together. This CD has many of your favorite including some sing-a-longs like "Your Cheatin' Heart", "Deed I Do", "Dream", "Mood Indigo", "I Want To Be Happy" and, of course, "Side by Side".
CD:Riverboat Rousers Riverboat Rousers. Join us then as we take you back on a musical voyage to the days of the old steamboats that traveled up and down the inland waterways. Close your eyes, lean back and you can almost hear the boat whistle and the sound of the paddle wheel. Imagine a warm summer night in June on the Mississippi, the moon and the lights of a town reflected on the water. Listen to the zest and sparkle of the banjos as they liven up the evening from the sombre, stately tones of Franz Liszt's "Liebestraum" to the brightness and sheer exuberance of "Nobody's Sweetheart Now"... here is music that will keep your foot tapping and make your heart lighter.
One of our originals from the 1968 band. Limited quantities.

To order tapes ($10) and CD's ($15) please call 916-967-2318.