River Boat Rousers. CD Stop and listen a while. Let us take you back to music of a by-gone era performed by a truly unique group - The Great "Sacramento Banjo Band". This, the original banjo band in Northern California, is dedicated to the revival and promotion of America's only native instrument. This non-profit organization further dedicates itself to the handicapped children of the community by donating its revenue for musical instruction and therapy. The individual players come from all walks of life and represent a wide variety of vocations; all share one burning avocation - to play a banjo.

Join us then as we take you back on a musical voyage to the days of the old steamboats that traveled up and down the inland waterways. Close your eyes, lean back and you can almost hear the boat whistle and the sound of the paddle wheel. Imagine a warm summer night in June on the Mississippi, the moon and the lights of a town reflected on the water. Listen to the zest and sparkle of the banjos as they liven up the evening from the sombre, stately tones of Franz Liszt's "Liebestraum" to the brightness and sheer exuberance of "Nobody's Sweetheart Now"... here is music that will keep your foot tapping and make your heart lighter.

The Songs

  1. Bill Bailey
  2. Beer Barrel Polka
  3. Up A Lazy River
  4. Nobody's Sweetheart Now
  5. Twelfth Street Rag
  6. Goofus
  7. Bye-Bye Blues
  8. Waiting For the Robert E. Lee
  9. Chinatown
  10. Liebestraum
  11. Swanee
  12. St. Louis Blues
  13. Avalon
  14. Tiger Rag

Musical Directors

  • Dick Surryhne
  • Ned Poffinbarger

Sacramento Banjo Band 1968

  • Walt Baker
  • Ed Baldocchi
  • Denny Barnard
  • Check Belt
  • Elbert Bidwell
  • Ray Boeklin
  • B.B. Burkhart
  • John Catiller
  • Gene Clark - tuba
  • Ted Cover - bass
  • Russ Crase
  • Art Dahl
  • Hilly Dalzell
  • Mike Doneen
  • Fred Dosch
  • Bob Duggan
  • King Feder
  • Art Fonda
  • William Fox
  • Robert F. Funk
  • Jack Furlong
  • Liz Giordano
  • Louis Graff
  • Arleigh Gundlach
  • Dee Harper
  • Anita Hazen
  • Leon Kawin
  • Charles Keeley
  • Scott Krumm
  • Frank King
  • Henry Lea
  • Eddie Macedo
  • Peter Maronziu
  • Quentin Martin
  • Joe Modica
  • Pete Norcia
  • Freddie Offenback
  • Frank W. Owen
  • Joe Pabst
  • Frenchy Peltier
  • Ned Poffinbarger
  • Don Schumacher
  • Ed Ringle - bass
  • Robert Scott
  • Dick Surryhne
  • Will Tallackson
  • Charlotte Thornhill
  • Lee Thornhill
  • Bob Wharton
  • Barney White
  • Agnes Wible
  • George Wunderlich