Side By Side. CD If you love banjos, lots of banjos, you've come to the right place. The Sacramento Banjo Band, during its 40th year of existence, brings you a wonderful collection of music performed by over 30 fun-loving banjo players, washtub basses, a washboard, fiddle, trumpet harmonica, clarinet, and a sousaphone tuba. You will soon discover that they play these instruments because they love the music associated with them and they love to perform together. Over the years they have donated their proceeds to many worthy charities including Make A Wish Foundation and Shriners Hospitals for Children.

The Songs

  1. Waiting for the Robert E. Lee (2:12)
  2. Side by Side (2:00)
  3. Is It True What They Say About Dixie? (2:31)
  4. Alabamy Bound (1:48)
  5. Deed I Do (2:50)
  6. Down in Jungletown (1:31)
  7. "No Name Song" (1:45)
  8. Wabash Blues (3:05)
  9. Under the Double Eagle (2:37)
  10. Shine (1:54)
  11. Your Cheatin' Heart (2:22)
  12. My Gal Sal (1:28)
  13. Goofus (1:56)
  14. William Tell Overture (2:44)
  15. Dream (3:05)
  16. Banjo Band Polka (2:09)
  17. San (1:35)
  18. I want to Be Happy (1:52)
  19. Coney Island Washboard (1:46)
  20. Stormy Weather (1:48)
  21. Five Foot Two Medley (2:12)
  22. Sugar Blues (1:27)
  23. Chinatown/China Boy (3:04)
  24. Mood Indigo (2:39)
  25. Sweet Georgia Brown (2:17)
  26. Just a Closer Walk (2:05)
  27. Pennsylvania Polka (1:34)
  28. Let Me Call You Sweetheart (1:36)
  29. Kansas City (2:52)

Arrangement Notes

Take a minute to meet some of the special arrangements and the people who did them: Don Schumacher was one of the first banjo players hired for the Original Shakey's Pizza. He shows why in his work on "Waiting for the Robert E. Lee." The whole band joins in on the CD theme, "Side by Side." John Green sings about his Dixie origins in "Is It True What They Say About Dixie." Dick Martin gets "Alabamy Boun" rolling with his famous "train" sounds. Betty Lester's vocal and Norm Gary's clarinet pair up to give "Deed I Do" a special touch. "Down in Jungletown"'s sousaphone tuba solo is by world famous Keith Myers. "No Name Song" is an Irish novelty played by two husband/wife teams; Walt & Raeann Burres and Duane & Ingrid Smith. Bob Funk, 85-years young, leads in his favorite jazz tune, "Shine." "Goofus" gets really goofy with Carol Spiker on fiddle, Leroy Coppin playing harmonica, and Duan Smith picking tenor. "William Tell Overture" features Dick Martin, one of the brightest banjo talents, and his wife, Helen Martin, an outstanding washtub bass player. Mary Ann Hansen, our diminutive opera-trained vocalist, came off medical leave to record "Dream" as she has done so beautifully in the past years. "Banjo Band Polka" is an original song composed by B.B. Burkhard and sung by sisters Peggy Lewis and Pat Galyean, who also wrote the lyrics. Noewl Seeley starts the band off in a rendition of an old jazz number, "San." "I Want To Be Happy" features Rex Inglis and Pat Chan in a charming duet. "Coney Island Washboard" features our rhythm section; Marilyn Peterson, washboard, and Lila Skates, washtub. Walt & Raeann Burres live together, work together, and play together... in "Stormy Weather" she plays the 6-string banjo and he picks the tenor. The breaks in the "Five Foot Two Medley" are performed by Keith Myers, Don Schumacher, and Duane Smith. Leroy Coppin, who can play just about any instrument, gets his trumpet out for "Sugar Blues." Don Schumacher's fast and flashing "Chinatown" is followed by "China Boy" featuring George Jorgensen and his friends the second time through. Dolores Smith puts her washtub aside and sings "Mood Indigo" in the band's tribute to Duke Ellington's 100th Anniverary. Bob Funk kicks off "Sweet Georgia Brown" and Duane Smith and Don Schumacher keep it rockin'. "Just a Closer Walk features Norm Gary and his "magic" clarinet. He's also leader of the BEEZ' KNEEZ JAZZ BAND. Last but not least, Ralph Congdon (our fearless leader, a.k.a the Kansas City Kid) does a real hoot on "Kansas City."

Recording Musicians

  • Dave Acheson
  • B.B. Burkhart
  • Walt Burres
  • Raeann Burres
  • Pat Burritt
  • Pat Chan
  • Suzanne Chen
  • Ralph Congdon, leader
  • Leroy Coppin, tpt., harm.
  • Ben Dale
  • Bob Funk
  • Pat Galyean
  • Norm Gary, clarinet
  • John Green
  • Linda Green
  • Adele Hannaman
  • Mary Ann Hansen
  • Rex Inglis
  • George Jorgensen
  • Barbara Kampe
  • John Kozusko
  • Barbara Kozusko
  • Peggy Lewis
  • Viki Mallory
  • Dick Martin
  • Helen Martin, wtub
  • Dick Mills
  • Jack Montgomery
  • Ken Moore
  • Ron Morford
  • Keith Myers, tuba
  • Clint Nerenberg
  • Rose Nerenberg
  • Marilyn Peterson, wbrd
  • Don Schumacher
  • Noel Seeley
  • Hal Simpson
  • Lila Skates, wtub
  • Duane Smith
  • Ingrid Smith
  • Dolores Smith, wtub
  • Carol Spiker, fiddle
  • Paul Spiker, wtub
  • Lee Thornhill
  • Roger Thulin
  • John Turner
  • Bert Wachter
  • Bev Wachter
  • Weldon Ward

To order tapes ($10) and CD's ($15) please call 916-967-2318.