Welcome to the fun world of Juggling!

Monica teaching girls

The TeachingJuggler is offering her services to you for your convention, parade, party, picnic, church event, school, business break or birthday party. Ever wanted to be the star of the show? Ever wanted to be a juggler just like the one you saw in the circus? I am the one to teach you how in less than an hour!

Have you always said I want to learn to juggle, or tried and you thought you just couldn't to it?
I offer a very clear demonstration of the basics of the sport of juggling using the three ball cascade and then I will teach you! I have structured each lesson so that you can keep learning even after the lessons are over.

Garden Party

For the office environment I offer partnership juggling to show skills in communication, team building and accepting personal responsibilities for everyday mistakes. It is challenging to do individually and with partners. Perfect for office morale!

This is an excellent sport for kids to learn: highly self-motivational, great for hand eye coordination and is inexpensive, (some equipment can be made by hand). You learn at your own rate so it is great for a child's self-esteem.

Juggling can be done indoors (no lamps or glass should be present ), in the office, outside, or the most popular location for jugglers....the produce department in your local store!! Although, you buy what you drop!

Juggling is a great stress reliever and always a way to challenge yourself to new heights in personal achievement.

Monica Buck has been juggling for 26 years and has not yet reached the limits of what can be done.

TeachingJuggler is also available for private individual lessons.

If you are interested please contact TeachingJuggler for rates and dates available for booking.

"Hope I get to share with you soon this fun and exciting skill!"
Monica Buck aka jugglergal@dock.net, the TeachingJuggler