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Welcome to the Juggling Museum. This room was created specially to showcase juggling memorabilia and performing artists. Each signed artifact has been carefully framed and installed in the Juggling Museum. {Yes, those are clowns on wires. Although current jugglers may disassociate themselves from clowns, they are a part of the history of juggling and included in the Juggling Museum.}

Karamazov Karamazov
Karamazov signed posterKaramazov signed ball in special framed box
Room View 1 Room View 2
Rootberrys and Victor Kee Anthony Gatto

Shown are some of the photos and memorabilia in this installation. Currently on display is Anthony Gatto, The Rootberrys, Victor Kees, and the Karamazov Brothers. Notice that the signed Karamazov ball has been enshrined in its own mounted diorama box. More than a museum repository of juggling memorability, the Juggling Museum is a shrine celebrating juggling.

How to Submit Your Artifact to the Juggling Museum
To be considered for inclusion in the juggling museum, please
email your application. Please include in your email:
* your juggling qualifications, professional achievements, website
* a description of the autographed memorabilia you would like to submit (i.e., photo, poster, props, etc.)
Please do not submit signed underwear as this is a family exhibit.

If your submission is accepted, you will receive a reply email with directions on how to mail your artifact to the museum.

Best of luck with your submission and happy juggling!

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